garden retail

garden_retailThere is a general assumption that retail jobs are menial and pointless, the work is not stimulating, the pay is terrible. I definitely hesitated before taking a position at my local urban garden center. But my current job as the part-time manager of the Perennial section/yard has been a gift. It has allowed me to gently return to the work force after several years of being at home with my son. My flexible schedule means I do not miss many school events or soccer games. But the greatest benefit has been the incredible variety of customers I help each day with a multitude of problems, situations and needs. I spend all day solving problems with plants. I have a much better understanding of what the at-home-gardener is tackling in their garden, backyard or green space.

Unlike my 20’s, I find myself less interested in imposing my own taste on someone’s space and more interested in guiding them through the steps so that they can make choices that allow them to create a space that feels like their home.

Brighton store, Mahoney’s Garden Center, (part-time) Perennial Manager (2012-2016)