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Freelance Garden Writer, (1996-2016)

Straight out of college, I went to work with a gardening magazine, Green Scene. It was a small staff of three that designed, edited, groomed new authors and photographers, and in a pinch created content. It is an experience I absolutely loved and it changed the direction of my career. It also gave me great experience doing just about everything that goes into producing a publication.

Sanctuary, Gardening for the Soul by Erin Fournier (maiden name), Lauri Brunton, and Dency Kane. Michael Friedman Publishing, NY, NY. 1999. (Released in oversized paperback in 2000.)
*This is not a subject or style that I would have chosen for my own project. A colleague and I were contacted (at work) and offered the opportunity to write the text with an extremely tight deadline (6 weeks). Although I am tremendously grateful for the experience, this “bumpy” introduction into book publishing was a real eye opener. Fortunately, Dency Kane’s photography is truly gorgeous and deserves all the credit for the book’s success.

“Each chapter is devoted to a particular aspect of a sanctuary garden: peace, change, passion, mystery, and contemplation….The photographs are glorious.”—The American Gardener.

“This book won the Quill and Trowel Award of Excellence for Photography given by the Garden Writers Association of America for the Year 2000, tantamount to the Academy Awards for Garden Writers! The photography is truly exceptional.” —

I hope to one day be able to say that I’ve authored another book, but I am proud to have been quoted or featured in the following: 

Philadelphia Garden Book, A Gardener’s Guide for the Delaware Valley, Liz Ball, Cool Spring Press, TN 1998, Excerpted Article included.
Contributor/Editor: RI Wild Plant Society’s Newsletter, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Newsletter, Philadelphia Green Newsletter, Xylem Report (Phila Flower Show Exhibitors Newsletter), Green Scene (Gardening Magazine for Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Members)