seed trials & catalog

W. Atlee Burpee Seed Company, Seed Trial Manager (2000-2002)

As one of the Trial Managers at the Burpee Seed Company, I was very involved in testing plants and then providing photography and descriptions for the catalog. We were responsible for creating, planting and maintaining trial gardens at numerous locations (participating in the Proven Winners program). I assisted in the 2000 and 2001 catalog years. Which also happens to be the year, Burpee heirlooms made a comeback and was an exciting time to work at Burpee. I spent several winters working with Sharon Kaszan (Horticulturist Superstar), as Burpee started to improve the information included on their seed packets. We photographed and tested over 200 seed varieties, corrected descriptions, updated germination and planting information, and added photographs for better consumer identification.