Enjoying your Garden at Night

Enjoying your Garden at Night

A hectic schedule might prevent you from enjoying your garden during the day, but with some planning you can extend the enjoyment of your garden into the evening. Moonlit flowers, fragrance, and night sounds all combine to make an evening garden calming and soothing, a wonderful place sit, relax and entertain at the end of the day. An evening garden comes to life at dusk, precisely at the moment when the reds, oranges, and blues of other flowers begin to fade.

There are two basic elements you include in an evening garden. The first is plants that will reflect the moonlight, street lamps, or garden lights; these plants illuminate flowers and foliage and make the garden a different experience. The most obvious way to illuminate the darkness is to use colors and flowers that are reflective; creams, silvers, some pale lavenders, pinks and of course whites. The second element in an evening garden is scent. Night fragrant plants use their intense perfume to draw in pollinators. Scent in the evening somehow carries further than in the daytime and adds a wonderful element to the garden.

Here are some evening garden suggestions from Logees’s.

• Aloysia virgata, Sweet Almond Verbena, has long spires of white fragrant flowers on an upright shrubby form, it flowers year-round.
• Jasmine sambac ‘Grand Duke of Tuscany’ has fragrant double blossoms that are a great addition to any moon garden.
• Jasmine sambac ‘Maid of Orleans’ is a white flower that is fragrant and sweet year-round.
• Stephanotis floribunda has waxy clusters of fragrant, white flowers, it is commonly used in wedding bouquets, also known as Madagascar Jasmine.
• Telosma cordata, or Chinese Violet, is a yellow fragrant flowering plant; it is often used in leis in Hawaii.
• Brugamansia ‘Angel’s Summer Dream’ is a non-stop flowering and night-time fragrant Angel’s Trumpet hybridized by Byron Martin.
• Nicotiana alata, or Flowering Tobacco is extremely fragrant at night with gorgeous, tubular, white flowers that bloom non-stop all summer.

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The excerpt above is from a Cultivating Life segment produced by Erin Frost. The tv series, Cultivating Life with host Sean Conway, explores how we’ve all moved out of our houses and into our backyards. Each week, the show celebrates how Americans are reconnecting with the land.